5 Important Cause of Fire in the Workplace

When it comes to protect yourself, your homes, institutions and businesses then the very first thing that comes in mind is fire. All folks know very well that fire is very dangerous and if you do not pay attention towards it, then you will face a huge loss in regards of lives, property and so on. Fire and its safety play a pivotal role especially in workplace. Those individuals who are working in different companies (private or government) should have the complete knowledge about fire safety and its precautions.

There are several causes why a fire starts at workplace and the main reason of fire is mostly negligence. When it comes to a workplace, then the landlord of the building must make sure that the building complies with fire avoidance legislation or have completed the fire safety risk assessment. Here in this post, I am listing the most common causes of fire in the workplace for avoiding such hazards.

1. Human Error
Human error is one of the main causes for the fires in working area. Some accidental errors are combustible liquids, spilling flammable, burning food in kitchen area or knocking fluid in the electrical devices & equipment. It is the duty of the security staff to provide proper training to their all employees for evading such instance. Many safety stores also give suggestion to place fire extinguishers at different points plus undertaking the risk assessments to recognize causes of fire accidents.

2. Electrical fires
Electrical fires are the main reason of the workplace fire like wrong wiring, loose wires or overload on one extension can make a possible death trap. For avoiding these problems the safety authority must take care of portable or non-portable electric equipment. Even the employees who are working in different companies should be familiar with the protection/safety procedures. He or she should know how to use these equipment or tools properly. Before using any extension cord please check it properly.

3. Smoking
This is also an important cause of fire in the working area. Those people who are addictive to smoking should have to follow the instructions properly. Always discard the cigarette properly and while smoking no need to stand or sit nearby the flammable objects. A single cigarette can be a reason of huge fire. Authorities or management has to spare some area for the smoker which is away from main entrance or building.

4. Flammable vapours and liquid
Warehouses, buildings or factories often stock flammable fluids as well as other combustible materials. These materials will swiftly spark if a little flame came from anywhere. Even the vapours are also dangerous for both the human and building plus ignite quickly. Always make sure that the containers filled with flammable vapours or liquids are properly sealed and stored in a safe place for avoiding such fire accidents.

5. Arson
Arson is another reason of fire around workplace areas that are the mainly disposed to vandalism. Even if there is no proper controlling system of fire, then fires can quickly spread everywhere. Security fire management should install the sprinkler systems and fire shutters in business premises to protect their possessions and other deterrents like CCTV and gating that can prevent potential vandals.