Use fire safety techniques for avoiding destruction

The prevailing disasters are of different types that effect human life in several ways. There are two main types of disaster, the first one is natural the other one is unnatural. Fire falls in both types.

Some other types of fires are listed below:

  • Combustible material
  • Flammable liquids, gas
  • Gas fire
  • Flammable metals
  • Electrical fires
  • Forest fire

Fires bring destruction in the form of economic, social, domestic loss and backwardness. Fire was an initial tool for man of stone age for survival, which not only protected him from outer dangers but also taught him to cook his food. But in current, modern and technological advanced world, fire has become a sign of terror for humans. Now man tries to use it in more rational way to avoid destruction and for more comfortable, luxurious life. Fire, to some extent, has become slave at the hand of intellectual man but sometimes it seems rebellious or traitor in the form of wood fire, domestic fire, electrical fires.

It’s true that sometimes fires look stubborn and out of control but intellectual and creative powers have been bestowed to man to tackle such challenges and he is fully aware of all his occult powers. He has devised new techniques to control such spreading devastations. These techniques or measures have been adopted to reduce and lessens the incidence and severity of uncontrolled fire. The purpose of fire safety is to reduce damages, eliminate injuries, and prevent human sufferings, causalities, exposures to hazardous atmospheres, and transmittable diseases.

Ways to avoid fires
Precautions are necessary to avoid damages. Safety measures consist of personal safety tool, equipment safety and safety in training. In this process, general preparedness is vital and should be carefully planned, evaluated and revised as per requirement.

Following steps are parts of fire safety

  • Administration
  • Operations
  • Prevention investigation training
  • Communication emergency management
  • Equipment maintenance

Fire has become such phenomenon that has significance for man and proved a greatest discovery and also paved way to new modern civilized world. These steps are crucial in fire safety process as administration is soul of all infrastructures. Efficient and effective management reduces the threats and short comings. Proper planning and time management minimizes the damages. Operations are the key part of fire safety process which tries to extinguish fire.

Most important element of fire safety mechanism is prevention investigation training. Such kinds of training prepare individuals to face and tackle such uncertain situations with effective preventive measures and try to know and investigate the reasons of such mishaps so that such circumstances or situations may be avoided. Such trainings are so much beneficial in this way that they enable laypersons to take such safe and effective measures which may reduce the damages.

Timely communication and emergency management is game of nerves which can alter the miserable situation into some better condition. The most important factor in fire safety is proper maintenance of equipment. These equipment actually are as much important as are weapons in war. So maintenance of equipment is equally important as other things.

The pith and marrow of the whole discussion is that men has learnt to live with dangers such as fires and has mould them according to his requirements and when they look out of control and destructive he manages them with his supernatural powers such as his intellectual and creative powers through the process of fire safety.